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Annual wellness exams are an essential part of keeping your pets healthy.  Puppy and kitten exam start your pet out on the right path for a long healthy life.



Vaccines help keep your pet healthy.  We are here to help keep your pet at their best.



We have state of the art surgery suite in our mobile hospital, providing the opportunity to provide spays, neuters, c-sections, mass removals and more.


If your pet ever gets lost, we want you quickly reunited!  Microchipping is the best way to ensure that happens.


We are not providing emergency care at this time, please call Emergency Veterinary Care in Springfield: 541-746-0112 or Call the Pet Poison Control Center 855-764-7661


We know that dental health is important for our pets, we are able to offer full dental care customized for your pet.


We are excited to offer telemedicine consults.  We understand sometimes this is just the best way to get together.  Text or email for an appointment.



During your exam we might recommend bloodwork, x-rays, or urinalysis.  We are able to provide these services during your exam.

Cat appointment at Wild Iris Mobile Veterinary Clinic.jpg
Wild Iris Mobile Veterinary Clinic.jpg
Vet truck and one of our patients (this is from Cassie in the testimonials but can be used
Wild Iris Mobile Veterinary Clinic.jpg


Our devotion to animal care is reflected in the services we offer. We are able to perform most any service that a traditional brick and mortar clinic can offer, with added convenience, and an unhurried experience.

  • We can devote more more quality time with you and your pet. 

  • The stressful part of traveling to a vet hospital is eliminated, which can make a huge difference in experience for both pet and human.

  • No more stressful car rides and waiting in the lobby for your turn!

  • Our mobile clinic is perfect for families with multiple pets.

  • We will be 100% focused on you and your pet(s) during your appointment time. 

  • Payment is required at time of services.  We happily accept cash, credit cards or checks. 

Wild Iris is the best there is! Dr. Laura and Ashley are incredible with animals, listen to concerns, and advise with deep knowledge. They truly love your pets like their own, and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my best friends!


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